1. mablair said: Wondering if I could use your "strive for progress, not perfection" saying on a background graphic of my own. I would of course give you a mention for credit.

    Actually, that quote isn’t mine - I saw it somewhere else and used it on the graphic. Feel free to use-away! Just don’t sell it ;)

  2. The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women.

    — Unknown (via fightoncarryon)

  3. "Respect the burden"
     - Napoleon Bonaparte

    Photo credit timitim on flickr.

  4. "Cause my life is dope and I do dope shit"
     - Kanye West

    This is mostly in satire and jest. I’m not a fan of Kanye, but I couldn’t help but make this after hearing Dave Chappelle’s story on Jimmy Fallon.

  5. A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

    Hello again. It’s been a while. Stay hungry.

    Texture credit to phoenixartproduktion.

  6. Little by little, one travels far.
     - JRR Tolkein

    This one was actually user-submitted, and since I’m a klutz, I’m unable to find their username. Come forth, ye’ user! One in iPhone4 and the other in iPhone5 sized wallpaper.

    Photo by CubaGallery.

    Stay hungry, wolves.

  7. Whatever you are, be a good one.

     - Abraham Lincoln

    Stay hungry, wolves.

    All photos credit of cubagallery.

  8. 1tstristan said: Can you post more wallpapers man?

    Surely. Though, I should explain that the content I post is all original content unless otherwise stated. This is the primary reason why I don’t post that often. I’ve been trying to get more out as of recent, but it all depends on what’s happening in my real life. Please bear with me and keep watchin’ for more OC.

  9. "Be stronger than your excuses."

    Photo credit to jariceiii on flickr.

  10. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

    Sound advice, Teddy.

  11. Anonymous said: Can you make more photos I need some new wallpapers , I have all your old ones

    I’ve been slacking, I know. Today starts the initiative to create more OC. Your message has inspired me.

  12. paleo:

Wolverine is not impressed.




    Wolverine is not impressed.


  13. invulnerate said: Discovering your blog > any other blog

    An accurate representation of my response to this message:

  14. "Happiness comes from within, mother fucker"

    A little brute force to finding your happiness. If you’re not happy where you are, doing what you’re doing, then change it.

    iPhone4 Version »
    and iPhone5 Version »

    Stay hungry, wolves. Also, happy.

A wet man does not fear the rain.

Get wet. No excuses.
(photo credit)

    A wet man does not fear the rain.

    Get wet. No excuses.

    (photo credit)