1. This! Exactly this! Alton Brown / Good Eats episode about eating right.

  2. Yogurt, Marketing, Baby Punching

    [Edited, originally this post was written pretty hastily - wanted to get some content to the followers post-sick-leave]

    Everyone knows yogurt is good for you - it’s a tasty healthy protein-rich treat which is moderate on calories and nutrient-dense.

    However, most yogurt is shit. By shit I mean it’s barely yogurt. A lot of brands of yogurt is heavily sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), and no matter your opinion of HFCS there’s still some scary research correlating to some scary statistics and some odd propositions connected to monetary gain.

    Real, delicious, nutritious yogurt is easy to find but doesn’t carry the same marketing budget as the Yoplait’s, Dannon’s and GoGurtz, so consumers are less inclined to try them. However, Brown Cow’s “Plain” yogurt hits the target.

    I hear you - “Plain? Ick. Why don’t I just punch a baby?" and you may be on to something there. Being raised in the HFCS generation, my taste buds used to be completely put off by anything that wasn’t jam packed with sugars. My suggestion: put some other delicious shit on it that isn’t made of HFCS. Such as: Berriez, Oatz, Honeyz, other thingz with Z’s in them. These additions take no prep-time, and have plenty of nutrients.

    You might be looking at the fat-content in the Brown Cow yogurt thinking “isn’t that a lot?” I’ve come to find that a major misconception on the combination of diet and exercise is that you need to eat less fat. This is not the case. You need to eat less bad fat, eat more good fat (Avocado, Fishies, Almonds, etc) and reduce the intake of bad fats and especially bad carbs. Bad carbs will turn into fat storage faster than you can punch a baby. So while the yogurt contains fat, your body will be more apt to utilize it for good, rather than evil. However, the YoPlait, Dannon, and other shit-yogurt full of HFCS carbs will definitely be used for evil.

    Did I really just write a post about Yogurt? You bet your black-eyed-babiez I did.

They want you to fail, because they don’t want to be alone.


    They want you to fail, because they don’t want to be alone.


  4. 4 January 2011

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    Nerdfit.: The running hump and how to get started. →

    Keep climbin’! Give it two weeks. On day 1 of the third week of steady (every other day) practice, you’ll be killing it.


    Reblogging because I went from running 30-minute sessions of bleachers in middle school track to experiencing this hump just about 90 seconds into one little jogging session. Thanks, decisions I made in college. Not going to play the resolution game (yet?), but it’s something I wanna keep thinking about. 


    I’m terrible at running.

    (When I say “running”, I really mean jogging. Not a full-out sprint, or anything stupid like that. I mean a light run-speed that gets the heart pumping and the sweat flowing. Though I’m pretty bad at sprinting too.)


    I’ve always been bad at it, and always really…

Life getting tough means God is afraid of your progress.

    Life getting tough means God is afraid of your progress.

  6. Illin’

    I’ve been sick for the last couple of days (3? 4?). It’s brutal. Some kind of flu/cold bullshit.

    Sure I feel all crappy and sweat and get the chills and snap at whatever anyone says, but the most impacting hindrance is my inability to exercise.

    I know what you’re thinking - “Oh woe is me, I can’t pump my iron! Boo hoo hoo.” And that’s fair, I do seem pretty shitty in that respect. However, let me petition that it’s not as shitty as you might think.

    After putting in so much effort to be fit, correcting and updating my diet, creating tailored routines, and working so dedicatedly hard (and happily) to produce results, getting sick just feels like 2 steps backwards. So there’s some angst there, akin to falling in lava in MineCraft while equipped with diamond armor and diamond tools. Curse you, lava. So much effort burned to nothingness, my life is ashes…

    However, it’s also because I directly relate my fitness with my health. REDACTED for obviousness.

    However, it would be shortsighted to not see that exercise is directly related to my health and vice versa.

    So when I, or others, are boo-hooing over not being able to pump some iron, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re assholes (but totally could be). Just imagine we worked really hard for our diamond-items and totally fell in lava.

  7. The running hump and how to get started.

    I’m terrible at running.

    (When I say “running”, I really mean jogging. Not a full-out sprint, or anything stupid like that. I mean a light run-speed that gets the heart pumping and the sweat flowing. Though I’m pretty bad at sprinting too.)


    I’ve always been bad at it, and always really disliked it. Then one day, I decided to FORCE myself to run. One of the best terribly awful days of my life.

    I stretched for maybe 45 seconds, put on some river-shoes, and bolted out the apartment complex. Not 90 seconds later I was winded, hurting, and pissed. I thought - “NEVER AGAIN." Then walked home.

    Get over it.

    The next day I wasn’t sore and miraculously decided to try it again. Instead of 90 seconds of running, I did 3 minutes of quick-jogging, and 3 minutes of walking. I was pretty proud, and started feeling the chemical and physical effects of the exercise.

    Get started.

    A buddy of mine showed me “Couch to 5K” - http://www.c25k.com/ and I can affirm that their plan works - it’s essentially what I was doing. They even have smartphone apps, it’s an extremely useful site.

    To date I’ve ran as far as 8 miles in one session, without stopping - I’m faster, better at breathing, and overall I enjoy it more. Small sessions are fine with me, though. 1 mile here, 2 miles there - I know this sounds like a lot if you’re a beginning, but the road from beginner-to-pro is rather short. Stay dedicated.

    How does this make me feel better? Accomplishment, experiencing measurable growth, limbering up my joints and muscles, opening up my breathing, improving my heart rate, and allowing my body to sweat and pump it’s juices. Not to mention, all of the sweet, sweet brain drugs - dopamine, ephedrine, other misc endorphins and seratonin.

    It’s like you’re breaking into the pharmacy in your brain.

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  9. Take your first steps.

    I was never “skrawny” or “fat”, but I was never really “fit” either. I’ve only recently found my fitness, suddenly too.

    Procrastination is a powerful tool against productivity (duh), but it also can temporarily lift the ego. There were several consecutive nights where I would say to myself “Right after this raid, I’m going to sleep. After sleep, I get up and run! Tomorrow is the day! I change everything, tomorrow!”. This would lead to my immediate satisfaction for my newly turned leaf, I would end up getting to bed at 3am, waking up at 8:59, not keeping any of motivation, and ultimately dropping the idea until later that night while DPSing the Icecrown Citadel.

    I can’t really say what the exact catalyst was, but as I recall, I was bored with Warcraft and began browsing miscellaneous fitness forums. I was introduced to new exercises, food habits, ways to feel better, while not being inundated with material to make me look better.

    That was the epiphany, that’s what this is about: feeling better.

    So much of the most popular fitness material had shunned my attention due to it’s focus on appearance, sex-performance, tanning, and other vapid bullshit I didn’t care about. I realized there was a different facet to fitness, which I think you (the reader) should be interested in.

    Reading a fitness magazine feels like fiction, but conversing with knowledgeable users about your specific goals feels like progress, because it is.

  10. Inspiration.


  11. Breakfast

    If it’s the most important meal of the day, why do I wake up without any appetite?

    You must train your body’s morning appetite. Force yourself to eat in the morning.

  12. Concept

    Collection of insight regarding feasible, effective, and obtainable fitness gains, focused at those of the nerd-persuasion.